Sunday, September 13, 2009

Okay, okay, I'm really going to try to be a Blogger

Okay, this time, I'm really going to try and be good and blog regularly. I enjoy other people's blogs and today my friend Heidi told me that someone who was reading her blog and saw pictures of my kiddos on there, wrote and said she remembered me from our trip to China (thanks beautiful girl!) and wished that I would blog again. So here's to you Kate....I will try my best. It's not the writing so much as the fact that I am technologically challenged and have a hard time adding pix and such. All of the kiddos are doing great and I will go into detail on each one in the coming week. I actually just got back from a week in Ethiopia accompanying someone who was adopting 2 little boys so I am more than a little jet-lagged. i will try to add a picture!